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Writer's Block: It’s about to get hairy

I have a thing for goatees, but only on certain men.
Beards are just too much. And to me, mustaches usually just look silly. But that's just my opinion.
(This is me making up for not having written an entry in FOREVER)

Writer's Block: BFF

How long have you had your best friend?
Three years
Too bad I never get to see her anymore :(


Okay, you make a point of not saying a word to me for the entire month. Then you decide to hit me up on Facebook asking me to buy your shit.

Writer's Block: Funny people

Are you more of an entertainer who makes others laugh? Or do you prefer to be entertained?
Well, I crave attention and approval, am studying opera, and work at a theatre. This should probably be pretty obvious :3

MBTI is Fun

So, someone put the Myers-Briggs Personality Types to various Disney characters, and it greatly amused me. And now I share a personality type with Quasimodo :D
vanillaramen, since your Scumbag self is also familiar with the MBTI, I reposted this mainly for your entertainment.

ENFP – Rapunzel from Tangled  
ENFJ – Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
ESFP – Hercules from (obviously) Hercules
ESFJ – Wendy from Peter Pan
ESTJ – Yao from Mulan
ESTP – Gaston from Beauty & the Beast
ENTP – Hades from Hercules
ENTJ – Shang from Mulan
INFP – Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
INFJ – Jasmine from Aladdin
ISFP – Mulan from…you get the idea
ISFJ – Cinderella
ISTP – Meg from Hercules
ISTJ – Cogsworth from Beauty & the Beast
INTP – the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland
INTJ – Jafar from Aladdin  

Writer's Block: Home sweet hometown

For as little credit as I give it, my hometown hasn't been the worst place to grow up. Really, at all.
It always surprises me how there can be such a variety of people in a town this small and this...obnoxiously country. There are so many different types. And even though the town itself frowns on diversity far more than it should (but isn't that true with nearly any small town?), some of the greatest, most unique people I know, I've meet in this town. And I've been to Germany, England, and nearly every state in the Eastern US, so that isn't just me not getting out much.
I do need to get out more these days, though.

What do you like best about your city or hometown? What do you want to change?

-Any up-tempo Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer song ("Oasis," "Shores of California," "My Alcoholic Friends," etc.)
-Nightwish, Epica, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Apocalyptica...They work like 5-hour energy on me.
-Florence + the Machine's "Dog Days Are Over"
And of course...
-Journey - "Don't Stop Believing"

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